Deborah has for over twenty years, designed finely crafted custom single family residences that reflect a focus on functionality, style, environmental responsibility and warmth. From many years in the construction trades, she understands how to create meaningful and timeless designs. Her designs are beautiful, livable and affordable. Consistently praised by clients for a working style that is collaborative and proactive, Deborah is committed to helping clients realize their dreams in a manner that is creative, productive and fulfilling. Deborah is a certified Sustainable Building Advisor, and LEED accredited professional. She maintains a focus on design that is sustainable, site sensitive and aesthetically pleasing.

Over 200 residences have been constructed from BDS designs to date. This depth of experience results in a rich design vocabulary as well as thorough understanding of a variety of building materials and construction techniques. We draw on extensive skills in 3D Computer Design that provide detailed imagery of the home in progress as well as allowing for changes and modifications quickly and effectively. This visualization process allows clients to experience the home fully prior to starting construction so that the finished product is a home that truly reflects the vision of the owner.

Building Design Services is located in a home office at the base of Chuckanut Mountains where we have installed many of the sustainable strategies reflected in our work, including a PV/micro hyrdo grid tied system.








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